The Port Douglas Community Service Network offers three distinct programs: 



To nurture the existing strengths and future wellbeing of the community, to relieve poverty, distress and misfortune, and to support and advocate for our local community with a priority for those with limited opportunities and choices.

The actions we take to uphold our mission statement will also uphold the safety and wellbeing for children and young people in our community.


For a safe, valued, empowered, resilient and sustainable community that has the opportunity to be self-reliant, equitable and nurturing of all its members.



The aims and objectives of the Network clearly provide a framework under which all our programs, services and activities must operate,

in that we always ensure that through the services our staff and volunteers offer, we maintain the integrity of our mission, philosophy and aims. 


The Network, which was first funded in 1989, established clear aims and objectives to ensure that all programs, services and activities offered to the community uphold the Network’s philosophy:

✔︎ the Network is committed to the social justice principles of equality, participation, empowerment, access and equity. Services are provided on a non-discriminatory basis in accordance with current legislation.

✔︎ the Network is open to all members of the local community. It targets people on low incomes and those in need of social support.

✔︎ the Network is open to all people regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, age, disability, religion, or sexuality.


aims & objectives

To maintain these objectives, the Port Douglas Community Service Network Inc aims :

 ✔︎ to provide equal access for community members to local services irrespective of gender, ethnicity, culture, language, age, religion, marital status or sexual orientation

✔︎ to provide individuals with local information and referral to existing services

✔︎ to assist the coordination and networking of existing services

✔︎ to provide the community with friendly, courteous, timely and accessible service to the best of our ability

✔︎ to foster self-help, mutual supports, community participation and collective action

✔︎ to provide a range of options or contacts so that people can make informed choices

✔︎ to take a proactive role in the prevention of social, geographic and economic isolation within the community

✔︎ to use interagency meetings and networking to facilitate support and information flow

✔︎ to encourage and provide opportunities for residents of Port Douglas to become involved and address local community concerns

✔︎ to contribute to the development of Port Douglas by working in partnership with other local group and organisations on community projects, services and activities

✔︎ to advocate to government at all levels, other organisations and the community on behalf of individuals and groups whose needs are not being met adequately by current services

✔︎ to offer community assistance that is reliable and of high quality as well as culturally appropriate

✔︎ to protect the rights of the individual to privacy and confidentiality concerns

✔︎ to provide a safe place for children and young people

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volunteer program


The achievements and sustainability of our programs relies on a strong volunteer & administrative support team.  This team consists of volunteers, admin staff, and committee volunteers.



✔︎ Queensland Government Department of Communities, Disability Services & Seniors

✔︎ Federal Department of Social Services: Families and Children

✔︎ Douglas Shire Council

✔︎ Bendigo Bank

✔︎ Volunteers

✔︎ Good Shepherd Microfinance

✔︎ Funds and in-kind donations from those attending various weekly programs such as tai chi, friendship and craft groups and men’s breakfast, and hire of facilities and services

✔︎ Vital additional revenue is provided by The Nic Nak Shed which is supported by donations of pre-loved items from community members and local businesses.

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