The Tai Chi Trilogy


Body, Mind,Spirit

Much is written about the health benefits of Tai Chi. How good it is for our bodies, its gentle movements keeping us healthier & more active for longer. But there are also hidden benefits of participating in a Tai Chi class.

By joining a class you are not only exercising your body but also your mind, left & right sides working in harmony to create a gentle flow of movements. Tai Chi can be looked upon as a moving meditation & is often called this by many of its Masters. Many will find themselves drifting away with the flow of movement.

After teaching for more than seven years there are other aspects of our Tai Chi group that have appeared over this time. We refer to our participants as our Tai Chi Family & this family has started to grow branches or circles within our circle, we have groups forming to have morning tea, discussions, golf lessons then forming a social golf club, petanque, dancing for the mature age person for fitness,art lessons & volunteering.

We have reached further afield and have become involved with the local aged care facility, also an overseas orphanage & Sands QLD plus many demonstrations at charity events to raise money for other organisations.

As our family has grown we have also become a support network for each other & offer ourselves as shoulders to cry on, or just that hug to say “you are special”. Over the years it is not uncommon for someone to walk through the door & say “I need a HUG”. This could be for any reason & the hug is always freely given. One funny story is that upon one person receiving their hug someone will ask where is mine, so many hugs are given out. And everyone feels special.

You become a more confident, outgoing person & even if a little shy to begin with your Tai Chi family will embrace you & draw you into its circle.

Body, Mind & Spirit, we try & address all three in Port Douglas. I believe we are a special group because of the way we embrace all aspects of life together.

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