family support hub

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▶︎open weekdays from 9am-4pm for drop-in information & support

▶︎location @ 6-10 Mowbray St, Port Douglas 4877

▶︎contact ☎︎ 07 40 99 5518 and email


Advice, information, support & referrals

✔︎ Child & Parent support program

✔︎ Supported playgroups: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 9.30-11.30 am

✔︎ New Parents Group: Thursday 10am-12 midday

✔︎ parent resource library

✔︎ Annual play dates with Mossman playgroup for National Children’s Week

✔︎ Health nurse for parents & new parents group

✔︎ Participation in outreach community promotion including health Expo, Child Protection Week, Naidoc, and National Families Week




The Family Support Hub program maintains partnerships with both government and non-government agencies. 

These partnerships allow for referrals and cross promotions of services and sharing of resources.

Partnerships include:

✔︎ Child health nurse

✔︎ Mossman Health service-flexible and supportive responses team

✔︎ Dept of Education via the School nurse, guidance officers and school counsellors

✔︎ Mossman Community Centre

✔︎ Douglas Shire Council

✔︎ Family Day Care


There is a serious need in the community for more activities aimed at introducing people to each other, lifting community spirits and to assist people and families who are experiencing difficult times.  The Family Support program organises quite a few activities aiming to meet these needs:

The Family Support program aims to sustain and expand existing parenting and family support services in the area.  We aim to create opportunities for new families to the area and those new to parenting to access a range of supportive and engaging services.  The program assists families to participate in activities which enable parents or carers to establish their own social support networks and their children to participate in play-based learning.  Families with particular needs can avail of support or counselling.